Final Service Pack for ActiveReports 10 Released!

  • kim 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    We have released ActiveReports 10 Service Pack 3. This is the final release for ActiveReports 10, and contains a number of enhancements and bug fixes. Here are the links to the new builds, and a list of issues that we’ve fixed.

    ActiveReports Developer Build: v10.3.9175.0
    ActiveReports Server Build: v10.3.7185.0 exe
    ActiveReports Server Build: v10.3.7185.0 zip

    Release Notes for Service Pack 3

    ActiveReports Developer Fixed Issues

    Area: Controls
    Case Details
    206911 Bold and italic text styles are not applied to rows or columns that contain differently styled textboxes.
    217722 In VS2013/2015, an error occurs on dragging an Export component from the Visual Studio toolbox and dropping it on the form designer.
    217805 The error occurs on adding a Page or RDL report from the server to the Reports Library.
    Area: Controls – ASP.NET Viewer
    213775 Drill-through links do not work in the HTML Viewer when multiline text is specified in the parameter value of a sub-report.
    202480 As a user, I am facing trouble using the report viewer behind our reverse proxy.
    214643 Chinese report names do not work with Drill-Through reports in the WebViewer in Internet Explorer.
    177077 Memory usage increases on reloading the WebViewer multiple times.
    211664 The HTML viewer interprets ASCII characters in parameters as “Percent Encoding” when passed through a drill-through link from the Image report item.
    Area: Controls – HTML5 Viewer
    200907 As a user, I would like to export reports to xlsx format from the HTML5 Viewer.
    215341 Include Chinese resources for the HTML5 Viewer.
    211733 After adding a Drillthrough function, setting the VerticalAlign property to middle doesn’t work.
    211005 In the HTML5 Viewer, subreports cannot return the current position.
    214954 The MS Edge PDF Viewer pane doesn’t appear on printing from the HTML5 Viewer.
    Area: Controls – Windows Designer
    216899 As a report designer I would like the pasted object to appear in the center of the viewable area.
    210944 DataSet nodes don’t get deleted after deleting a Server Shared Datasource in the End User Designer.
    185606 An error occurs on embedding multiple shared datasets when a dataset is saved with a unique suffix.
    185773 Related fields do not appear automatically in the Visual Query Designer’s Table Relations dialog on adding a related table.
    187665 Error ’404: Not Found’ appears on validating a query when a shared datasource is deleted from server.
    207838 The End User Designer crashes when trying to display a MessageBox from a ControlSize call.
    193293 An error occurs on saving a Section report to the server with a blank Chart.
    207987 Parameter sorting works incorrectly.
    212780 The Type converter which is responsible for loading files in the report folder is working incorrectly in some cases.
    206705 As a report author, I would like to have a simple way to draw straight horizontal or vertical lines.
    197756 Background images in Page reports are not exported to doc files.
    215058 System.InvalidOperationException appears after canceling RPX report loading.
    185264 [SharedDataSource] An error occurs on testing a connection when no agent is available.
    202918 An unhandled exception occurs on clicking OK in the font dialog opened after selecting multiple items in any collection editor.
    220906 Assign different names for parameters.
    203332 The Width property of grid lines in a chart resets to the default value on opening the Y-Axis dialog again.
    180909 An unhandled exception occurs on performing an Undo operation after resizing a Table or Matrix row or column and previewing a report.
    183482 [Tablix] An unhandled exception occurs on dropping a table control inside a Tablix cell.
    182419 The KeepTogether property of a Container reverts to True on saving and reopening an RDL report after setting the property to False.
    187438 The DateTime parameter accepts invalid available values.
    192529 The ReportExplorer is not refreshed when you add a new parameter using the Visual Query Designer.
    195217 The ‘Page Number’ Common Value does not get evaluated when used in a conditional expression for the report’s page property.
    206297 Large memory consumption is observed on previewing reports in the designer.
    183473 The connection status icon and Disconnect from server button do not update on previewing a remote report from the designer.
    190066 Implement Report Items Library (Report parts).
    191163 [Report Parts] Pages change size on dropping a report part at the bottom of the page.
    215430 NumberingStyle does not apply with the ShrinkToFit property.
    192772 [Shared Stylesheet] An error occurs on saving a Stylesheet even when the role has Read and Modify rights
    Area: Controls – Windows Viewer
    206735 Viewer shaves part of the last character.
    189474 [Thinviewer] An exception occurs if a parameter passed via a drillthrough action does not match a subreport parameter.
    219343 Parameter values, dependent on UserContext, are passed incorrectly.
    189101 Shared stylesheets implementation.
    207148 An error occurs on previewing a parent report when the subreport is not found.
    194815 The Document Map tab does not appear for reports with the Document Map Label property set on Detail Grouping in a Table control.
    197268 Reports do not preview when the ‘Allow Null Value’ option is enabled for a multivalue parameter.
    218879 Dependent parameters are initialized more than once on rendering a report.
    Area: Controls – WPF Viewer
    Area: Converter
    216808 ‘Index was outside the bounds of the array’ error occurs on running the conversion utility.
    169148 As a migration user, I want the converter to add the “using GrapeCity.ActiveReports” statement when “Document.Print” is used in the code.
    Area: Core – Document
    208410 When jumping back to the Parent report on the server, printing the Parent report is no longer possible.
    218935 [Section Report] Empty *.tmp files appear after a document with the CacheToDisk property set to true is disposed.
    Area: Core – Expressions
    217702 An error appears when the user attempts to set an expression in the query field in the DataSet dialog.
    211951 A conditional expression set in the BorderStyle property of a control does not get evaluated correctly.
    Area: Core – Layout
    205800 Add a TextIndent property for DocumentMap items.
    178459 Some TextBoxes in the footer are not shown.
    179251 The Table of Contents does not shrink to fit the content in RDL reports.
    Area: Documentation
    218298 Request to update the ‘AnnotationToolbarVisible’ property name to ‘AnnotationDropdownVisible’ for the Viewer control in the documentation.
    208609 Modify the REST API documentation for the Distribution parameter of schedule requests.
    211171 The ThrowIfPlaceHoldersEmpty property needs more information in the documentation.
    Area: Exports – Excel
    212510 The Excel Export doesn’t work properly when exporting more than 100K records.
    179194 The Calendar appears slightly shrunken on exporting it to Excel.
    192336 Calendar report items with Fixed size appear zoomed when exported to ExcelRE or RDF or RTF format.
    Area: Exports – HTML
    224188 Table cell sizes increase after exporting to HTML.
    181465 Jump to bookmark doesn’t work because of incorrectly generated links.
    194533 Text present inside a Container with rounded corners does not get truncated to the Container shape.
    Area: Exports – Image
    194071 An exception occurs on exporting a report containing a large number of pages to TIFF format with the CompressionScheme set to None.
    Area: Exports – PDF
    218672 Region settings cause the PDF Export to garble data fields.
    177947 Add PDF/UA-1 versions for the PdfExport and PDF rendering extension. Fix title, language, FormXObject, and structure problems.
    208720 Password protected PDF files generated from a Section report cannot be opened in the browser.
    Area: Exports – Word
    217877 The left margin is lost from master reports exported to DocX.
    217881 An Index Out of Range occurs when exporting a Table with hidden columns to DocX.
    212708 Exporting a report with a subreport containing a hidden table to Word throws an exception.
    179849 Dotted and dashed BorderStyles on Table cells don’t export to Word.
    180074 Matrix cell sizes are decreased after exporting to Word.
    180166 Tables export incorrectly to RTF from code.
    207582 [Docx] An error occurs on exporting a report containing a Matrix with multiple row groups and a page break enabled for the first row group.
    202942 An error occurs on opening an exported docx file in Word2007 when the report contains a shape nested in a container.
    180092 A Matrix cell splits even if KeepTogether is set to True.
    191617 An error occurs on exporting a parent report to Docx format when its SubReport has a Table, a TOC, and a Shared Dataset.
    Area: Printing
    213670 Report does not print correctly on an Okidata ML printer using a Generic/Text Only driver.
    Area: Report Items – Calendar
    194962 An error occurs on exporting a Calendar with an EventImage using the PDF rendering extension.
    Area: Report Items – Chart
    217736 In RDL reports, the Position property doesn’t work for Chart Labels.
    214873 LegendText shifts towards the marker when it cannot display completely.
    213052 An ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when the value of the MajorTick Step is set to 1E+07.
    194075 A reference line does not appear on previewing a report in the Windows Forms Viewer control.
    203326 Border properties applied to major and minor grid lines in the chart appear on axis lines.
    224326 [RDL] Sporadic truncations occur on chart series labels.
    Area: Report Items – Map
    197938 An unhandled exception occurs on selecting any file when you create a Map “From ESRI file” template.
    Area: Report Items – Matrix
    194916 An ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs in a Matrix with a filter in the row group.
    Area: Report Items – Rectangle
    195402 The KeepTogether property is not read correctly from RDL files.
    Area: Report Items – Table
    185778 The table footer is not shown in the OverflowPlaceHolder if the Table does not overflow into the OverflowPlaceHolder and RepeatToFill is true.
    Area: Report Items – Tablix
    183266 [Tablix][Export][Docx] White spaces appears in Tablix cells when exported to Docx.
    Area: Report Parameters
    213784 Parameters created in a report’s script don’t display the Parameter Dialog to prompt the user.
    213754 A time value is not passed to the query if the datetime parameter’s default value is set to a specific date or a relative date.
    221403 Unable to return to the previous tab with the same parameter names.
    218352 [RDL] user is able to create parameters with equal names in the Parameters dialog.
    219738 An error occurs when selecting a parameter with an apostrophe.
    Area: Samples
    219663 “Text” property of ‘MainForm.cs’ is set to “OleDB Data Source” in the “ObjectDataSource” sample.
    189044 The PDF Export button is not disabled in the Layer Sample in VB.NET.
    222516 An InvalidCastException appears in some C# samples.
    220099 An InvalidCastException appears in VS2010 C# ReportsGallery sample.
    204794 Sample request for JSON data provider walkthrough.
    217794 An error occurs on clicking the dropdown to load SQL servers in the SectionReport\Data\BoundData sample.
    217861 “Report not found” An error occurs on previewing the RDF report in the VB.Net Silverlight sample.
    192003 The Layers tab is not present with the Report Explorer in Samples.
    194286 The ReportWizard VB sample throws a NullReference exception.
    Area: Setup
    205687 A few files are missing from the WpfViewer zip file located in the Localization folder.

    ActiveReports Server Fixed Issues

    Area: Server
    Case Details
    217951 “Parameter value is not valid” error appears in the HTML5 viewer when a “null” value is selected from the list.
    219183 [HTML5 Viewer] An error appears on opening a report with default null values.
    217888 SelectAll is not available in the HTML5 Viewer for Developer reports.
    216397 The Journal.db is oversized. Reduce and manage the size.
    222117 Provide API to clean the journal.
    220895 [ReportPortal] Only request data for the currently selected tab in the info panel.
    220896 [ReportPortal] Add a waiting indicator for the info panel.
    189764 [HTML5 Viewer] The Calendar does not appear in Date or Datetime parameters in Internet Explorer v11.
    207903 As a user, I would like to know if it is possible to print server reports from Safari on a Mac.
    215255 The Web API is returning conflicting date/time zones.
    221416 As the server administrator I would like the ability to change options for the Excel format in schedules.
    224027 As the server administrator I would like the ability to change default export options for Excel export filters.
    192281 [Shared Stylesheet] Request to hide the Delete button from stylesheets when a report is associated with them.
    206418 [HTML5 Viewer] Parameter values (expression with comma) display as clipped when they’re passed from the main report in a drillthrough.
    210192 Improve Attributes REST API query.
    213055 The administrator cannot create an entity attribute with a custom name in some cases.
    207766 Large reports give a timeout in the runner service.
    191440 A security exception occurs on a report rendering on a build agent.
    213734 Add a sample of adding report permissions when saving a report using the web designer.
    208730 The Parameter panel closes on changing a parameter value and clicking the View Report button without pressing the Tab key.
    207401 An Internal Server error occurs on previewing semantic reports after logging in as a guest user.
    215454 [PDF RE] The internal fonts cache becomes too large in some situations.
    212669 Sometimes the server fails with an AccessViolationException.
    214628 How can I modify the “Create by” or “Modify by” fields in a schedule?
    208226 Install GrapeCity.ActiveReports.config file to the folder with agent binaries by default.
    216346 In the Administrator Dashboard, the left column sections and menu are not active.
    215548 Unable to set the datetime manually for the “Starting On” field of a shared schedule template.
    215538 Server logging issues.
    194262 ClientIP and ServerIP are not logged during model generation.
    194431 Records of cloning models do not get logged in Audit tables.
    214308 An error occurs on previewing a semantic report when an attribute of uniqueidentifier type is present as an identifying attribute.
    214726 Sometimes schedules fail.
    195310 [HTML5] Can’t preview if a nullable string parameter with available values has a null value as the default.
    214984 Slow performance on opening reports with parameters from a schedule.
    194346 The Revert button appears disabled for previous model versions, after a model is reverted.
    217175 Schedule parameters do not appear if any error occurs during validation request.
    216802 Schedules do not run at the correct time. (Status shows Executing and Failed.)
    198225 Model Upload gives a blank error and fails.
    202563 Add Filter Operators for Date and Text filters.
    208245 Implement a “contains” operator.
    208993 Implement ‘does not contain’ and ‘does not begin with’ operators.
    217857 As a report developer, I want to have an (all) filter option for Boolean attributes.
    219944 Select All is not available in the report parameters of a scheduled task.
    203534 A “Response not valid” error appears on connecting to ARS by providing a URL without a port number.
    218939 Nothing happens on clicking the Report Portal preview button in a browser on iOS mobile devices.
    221927 An error occurs when you specify report parameters (select all) in schedules.
    218363 Cannot display some parameters in scheduled reports.
    223176 Schedule tasks with a start date in the past and recurrence set to every minute are not executing.
    187862 RunningValue using “ToArray” as the aggregate function throws an exception on the server.
    192515 [FlashViewer] Drill-through parameters do not pass to the subreport from the parent report.
    196830 Localization issues
    193674 A parsing error occurs on searching resources using parentheses: “(” or “)”
    218153 Text goes beyond the window.
    217311 Integer or float type parameters in the combobox are sorted in alphabetical order when the report is previewed in the HTML5 Viewer.
    212625 One user should only have one draft version of a model in the system.
    191500 The PreviewPages property does not work on previewing a remote report in the designer.
    204639 The currently logged in user name is not displayed in the Report portal.
    216885 Cannot change the run date and run time in the Schedules Master.
    219438 [HTML5 Viewer] The ‘Null’ checkbox isn’t selected on opening a report with default null values.
    219061 The Command Timeout is not displaying an error.
    223897 Category search is not working.
    222498 The View report button is disabled when parameters are chosen again.
    206597 Decrease requests to SQL Server for report with parameters
    192906 [Categories] All categories appear in the Report Portal to a non-admin user in the everyone role when the everyone role is disabled.
    192895 [Categories] The “Hide empty categories” flag hides empty personal categories in The Report Portal.
    187581 [Mobile HTML5 Admin Site] The ActiveReports Server logo is not present in the header of the Html5 admin mobile site.
    218198 An error occurs when you click “Schedules” in the Administrator Dashboard.
    218206 Cannot add scheduled tasks to a report in the Report Portal.
    207748 Implement a report mailing feature using the REST API.
    207750 Create a button and dialog for the report mailing feature in the Html5Viewer.
    207751 Create a button and dialog for the report mailing feature in the Report Portal.
    181015 Many unnecessary requests from the DesignerService.
    Area: Server Report Designer
    220151 Implement a “less or equal” operator for dates.
    220150 Implement a “greater or equal” operator for dates.
    211928 How to set the default to (select all) with multiple parameters in the designer.
    211037 A problem occurs when saving reports from the preview screen.
    Area: Server HTML5 Portal
    204365 Improve printing in Report Viewer
    176681 A message explaining the reason for a task failure is not displayed in the details section of the History tab of a report.
  • TheDanish 6 months, 1 week ago

    Please provide details on the items. It’s impossible to map the fix/enhancements to some of the issues we are seeing.

    What is “default on demand” schedule?

    We need this information to make decision to install or not install this release.

  • kim 6 months, 1 week ago

    Hi, sorry about that. I previously spent so much time reading through every case to come up with a better description, and thought that no one really read all of it. You just proved me wrong, so I’ll work on improving all of the descriptions.

    I couldn’t find any case with the words “default” and “on demand.” Did you mean case 207476? If so, I apologize. That was a case that was closed and not implemented since they decided to drop using a separate schedule template for report mailing and instead provide a report mailing feature in the REST API. I will delete it from the fixed issues list.

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