ActiveReports 7 SP3 Build 7.3.7973.0 is now available!

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    Rajnish Sinha8p 3 years, 3 months ago

    ActiveReports 7 SP3 is now available. This release is focused towards customer reported bug fixes and a few improvements in the better performance and memory footprints for report at run-time. Please download the build from here: Build 7.3.7973.0

    Note: This is the last public release of ActiveReports 7. This marks the end of active product development for ActiveReports 7. Any all reported bugs in ActiveReports 7 from here on will be considered for fix in ActiveReports 8 and future releases only.

    Case 150772:   Chart properties: LegendText and AxisTitle etc are not stored into the resx file.
    Case 160032:   Performance improvements to make the RTF export run faster when EnableShapes property is set to false.
    Case 170243:   An Error occurs while exporting PageReport with mulitple SubReports to Excel.
    Case 170376:   Support for underscore character in OutputFomat for TextBox.
    Case 171253:   Hyperlink Style dropped when exporting to PDF
    Case 171036:   Paramter: Area Null Error with Page Report using XML datasource.
    Case 171899:   Unsaved Changes prompt for EUD for “dirty” reports.
    Case 170963:   Incorrect rendering of Rtf created using TXTextControl
    Case 171756:   Unable to preview subreport after deployment if it is bound to one or more datasource/dataset
    Case 171891:   Performance improvements for reports rendering with very large number of pages.
    Case 172671:   Broken Documentation link for Viewer.ActionEventArgs
    Case 172988:   Support Crystal Reports import tools for VS2012 and VS2013
    Case 172859:   Unable to remove ChartControl from the ToolBox.
    Case 172488:   Unable to access the ‘ActiveReports.ReportService.asmx’ file if it moved from the root folder to some other location
    Case 172900:   Added ‘Action’ event for the WebViewer
    Case 172004:   Multiline text appears in a single line when exported to Excel with UseCellMerging set to true
    Case 172935:   How to create a Parametric application for PageReports using SilverlightViewer
    Case 172979:   The text overlaps if the RTB contains different font style with “Justify” alignment in Web Viewer.
    Case 172589:   Incorrect character spacing on rendering of Rtf (with formatted data) in RichTextBox
    Case 173333:   Chart controls with “PNG” image type disappear in some pages after setting “CacheToDisk” to true in some case.
    Case 173009:   RTB : FontFamily style not retained for the text that appears after the ImageTag in HTML.
    Case 173332:   The blank pages appear in exported pdf file after setting “CacheToDisk” to true.
    Case 173377:   Intermittent first blank page is observed when running some reports.
    Case 173388:   Performance improvement in the areas of report rendering speed.
    Case 173650:   Visual Studio hangs when section report is loaded in the xml-based section report designer.
    Case 173557:   PageScaling not applied in the exported PDF file.
    Case 173622:   System.Drawing.Printing.InvalidPrinterException: Settings to access printer are not valid.
    Case 173780:   Exception is observed when Chart binding is done in script in an RPX report.
    Case 173794:   Excel export throws ArgumentException if CacheToDisk is enabled.
    Case 173596:   Errow while generating Localized Resource Assembly for Viewer Control.
    Case 173787:   Drill-Down and Sort action doesn’t work in html viewer.
    Case 173776:   Pdf export throws InvalidOperationException (Disk cache is not initialized yet (nothing was written))

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    edfong-2p 3 years ago

    I realized that there is a new release of v7.3.8084.0 from the server. What fixes are included in this service pack?

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    edfong-2p 3 years ago

    To be more specific, what is the difference between ActiveReports 7 SP3 Build 7.3.7973.0 and v7.3.8084.0 ?

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    richas198p 3 years ago

    Hello Edfong,

    There was only 1 fix in this build and that was regarding performance improvement in ActiveReports 7 rendering.
    Case 174270: Rendering speed of AR7 compared to AR6


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    bobosola1p 2 years, 11 months ago

    Hi , I notice that there is a build v7.3.8111.0 dated September 12th 2014 which appears to be available for download on your server. However, you do not appear to be officially linking to it anywhere?

    Does this supersede the “official” final version of 7.3.7973.0 which you link to at the head of this post? I’m not sure which one I should download?

    Thanks in advance for any light you can shed.

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    richas198p 2 years, 11 months ago

    Hello Bobosola,

    You can download the latest AR7 build from here.


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    bobosola1p 2 years, 11 months ago

    Richa, I don’t think you actually read my post. I know I can download that version (7.3.7973.0), I can see the link at the top of this very page!

    I was asking about more recent version v7.3.8111.0 which was published just 5 days ago some five months after the version you linked to. It is available to download from What is the latest version for? Why should I use the earlier version if there is a later version available? Thank you.

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    richas198p 2 years, 11 months ago

    Hello bobosola,

    The AR7 build 7.3.7973.0 was a major AR7 SP3 released in April 2014. This build was focused towards customer reported bug fixes and a few improvements in the better performance and memory footprints for report at run-time.

    The new build (7.3.8111.0) contains a few issue fixes and some minor changes.Regarding which version to chose, you may use the version 7.3.8111.0 in your application. Even though it is not a official release, you may still use this build in production.

    I hope it answers your query.


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