Can ActiveReports Server send pre-generated reports

  • Graciez 5 months ago


    I am evaluating ActiveReports Server to find out if it feed our need. I have few questions:

    1. We\\\’d like to use another method to pre-generate the report, then use ActiveReports Server to send them out. Can telerik report server read from an file repository attache related report and attache it then send to related customers?

    2. We have MSSQL database stored our customer informations, can ActiveReports Server connect to our database read customer information from the table, then use customer ID to find the associated report?

    3. Can ActiveReports Server call an web rul which generate the pdf report, then it can download the pdf file and send it out?

    4. Is ActiveReports Server open source? Can we modify code to satisfy our own needs?

    Thank you!

  • 195p
    AbdiasM195p 5 months ago

    Glad to know you’re interested in ActiveReports Server for your reporting needs. I would like to answer your questions one by one:

    1. ActiveReportsServer is a repository for reports where you can upload and save your reports or create new ones. You can create schedules which will run the corresponding report and send it out. You can enable caching so that ARS uses the cached report instead of running it repeatedly. But it can not send out reports that were generated externally through another method.

    2. You can write your own code to fetch the Customer ID from the database and use that ID to fetch the corresponding report through REST Api calls provided by ARS. Please see the following documentation link for info on REST Api calls –

    3. You can take a look at the ASP.NET Integration sample which gets installed with ARS at the following location – C:\ActiveReports 11 Server\SDK\Samples\ASP.NET Integration

    This sample shows how to integrate ARS with your web application and write your own code for providing functionality. It would be helpful in pointing you to the right direction.

    4. I’m sorry, ActiveReports Server is not Open Source. You need to purchase a license in order to use it and the code cannot be modified. You can again take a look at the ASP.NET integration sample if you’re looking to customize the UI and other functionality.

    Hope it helps. Feel free to reply if you have any other questions.

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