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  • derekml 1 year, 1 month ago


    I am using AR7 and VS2015

    I am having a problem opening up my report file in the designer. I have attached an image of the error I get and the solution view gives and idea of the project structure.

    Essentially I have a web project that references an assembly and the assembly contains the report file (PrintAtHomeTickets.cs) and it is this that will not open in design mode.

    Many thanks

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  • 597p
    Reema597p 1 year, 1 month ago


    I would like to mention here that, AR7 was never tested on VS2015 as the IDE was not available at that time.

    AR7 installer has no idea about integrating ActiveReports7 in VS2015 IDE. The basic requirement of integrating AR(templates, report designer tools) with this IDE could not be achieved with ActiveReports7. Therefore, we would suggest you to kindly upgrade to AR9/AR10 that supports this IDE completely.

    The same has been discussed on the following forum link :

    We regret for any inconvenience caused.


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