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We have released ActiveReports 9 Service Pack 5, the final Service Pack for version 9. We will not add any more features to version 9, but we will release Hot Fixes as necessary with fixes for customer-reported issues. This release contains a few enhancements and a number of bug fixes.

ActiveReports Developer Build: 9.5.6334.0
ActiveReports Server Build: 9.5.4971.0

Release Notes for Service Pack 5

ActiveReports Server

Case Improvement
User Reported Issue
183803 Fixed an issue with date parameters in the Scheduled Tasks tab.
QA Reported Issues
176245 Added the HTML5 Mobile Report Portal.
176464 Removed errant line breaks from the Migration utility help.
176492 Fixed mouse hover icon and highlight issues on the Categories page.
176494 Fields are now aligned in Add and Update category dialogs on the Administrator dashboard.
176517 In the Report Portal, the search box now shows “Search” watermark text instead of the previously searched text after clicking a category.
176532 Reports on the Reports list page of the Administrator Dashboard are now sorted by default.
176550 When trying to delete a non-existent report, the error message now appears after the delete confirmation dialog is dismissed instead of concurrently.
176565 After allowing override for the default theme, it now remains set as the default theme instead of leaving it without a default.
176601 The Report Portal header text no longer changes when search is switched from Selected Categories€ to All Categories.
176644 The list of Categories in the location dropdown now updates when the Add/Edit Category dialog is opened.
176663 Fixed errant formatting of the Name list on the Roles page.
176684 When you select a subreport and its parent report and click the Delete button, the parent report is now deleted properly on the Administrator site and the HTML5 Report Portal.
176688 In the Report Portal, the Categories tab now refreshes when you assign reports to categories.
176693 In the HTML5 Report Portal, default text now appears in the History tab when a report has no history items.
176763 In the HTML5 Report Portal, long comments in the Revision tab are now truncated with an ellipsis button to show the full text.
176770 In the HTML5 Report Portal, formatting in the Revision tab is improved.
176819 Standardized the placement of the error message window and Upload button all Adminin pages.
176854 In the HTML5 Report Portal, added highlighting to export report options when they’re selected.
176901 Added a confirmation dialog that appears when a user with Full permissions on a report changes report permissions.
176963 In the HTML5 Report Portal, when you switch between list view and gallery view, selected reports now remain selected.
176980 In the Report Portal Scheduled Tasks tab, the email validation text now appears in red when an invalid email is provided.
176988 In the Report Portal Scheduled Tasks tab, when the Delivery type is Windows File Share, the Overwrite dropdown options now display correctly.
176989 Removed a redundant shortcut for local help from the Start menu.
177072 In the HTML5 Report Portal, Stack Trace error text is no longer truncated.
177105 In the Diagnostics page, the help icon for SMTP settings now redirects to the correct URL.
177107 Resolved a validation error for nullable parameters in Semantic reports.
177125 Resolved an error that occurred on validating a model after a stored procedure with a prompt was added.
177137 Resolved an error that occurred on downloading a parent report when the related sub report had been deleted on the Administrator site.
177138 “Modified” and “Modified By” fields for all themes no longer changes when a theme is set as default on the Administrator site.
177141 Resolved an error that occurred on previewing an unsaved report created using a newly added entity in a model.
177142 Fixed an issue that prevented testing custom Security Providers.
177209 Added support for multiline parameters in Scheduled Tasks.
177210 The Login page of the Report Portal is no longer distorted after ActiveReports services are restarted.
177230 When saving reports with new changes to other file formats, the file name is no longer set to a long string of letters and numbers.
177237 In the HTML5 Report Portal Create Report dialog, long model names no longer overlap.
177249 After modifying a report version from the Revision tab in Internet Explorer 9, the Modified date now appears correctly (instead of displaying the text “Invalid date”) in the Revision and Info Panel.
177255 Fixed incorrect Report Portal display on iPod4.
177262 Corrected the toggle behavior of the Specific/Relative date button for Date and Datetime parameters.
177263 Changes in value dropdowns of relative date parameter now process correctly since disabling dropdowns during validation.
177264 “Model Name” is now properly logged in the Audit database OperationInfo table when you delete, upload, or download a report.
177278 A log is now properly created in the Audit database when you download a model from the Administrator and Designer sites.
177288 In the HTML5 Report Portal, the “Save” button no longer appears enabled in the Schedule tab after saving schedule task details.
177295 Logs are now created in the Audit database when you save an existing report after modification.
177297 Logs are now created in the Audit database when you overwrite or replace an existing model on the Administrator site.
177328 Errors no longer occur when you upload a theme created in the ActiveReports theme editor using the Console Web Service Client sample.
177331 Added notification that you need to install Flash to use the Add-On Designer instead of redirecting to the HTML5 Report Portal.
177376 In the HTML5 Report Portal, changing a report’s category no longer replaces the previous revision in the report history.
177690 Cascading hidden parameters are now properly hidden in the Parameter panel of the HTML5 viewer when using the ActiveReports Server service.
177925 The maximum cache age value is no longer changed to a random value after setting larger values and reselecting the report.
178089 In the HTML5 Mobile Report Portal, the Login page now scales properly on an iPhone when previewed in landscape mode.
178092 In the HTML5 Mobile Report Portal, the Evaluation banner no longer wraps on an iPhone.
178217 ‘Connection String Editor’ error messages now appear inside the editor dialog instead of on the page.
179308 Bug Submissions and Customer Feedback features now send email to Administrators.
183205 It is now possible to upgrade ActiveReports Server version 8.1 to version 9.3.
184451 Resolved errors in SDK web samples.
184472 A mysterious log-file no longer appears in the root of the “C:” drive after installation of ActiveReports Server.
184669 After repairing or reinstalling ActiveReports Server in Programs and Features, icons no longer disappear.
185089 In the HTML5 Viewer, text boxes with a Padding value of 100 now display correctly.
185153 Fixed an issue with relative date time data in parameters.
185350 When you reset or change the value of a cascading parameter, values of the dependent cascading parameters now reset too.
185428 Charts now appear correctly when exported to PDF from ActiveReports Server.
185429 Fixed issues with disabled buttons not appearing disabled.
185675 The ActiveReports Server Feedback page now opens after uninstalling.
185920 The Calendar report item now appears correctly when viewing a report on ActiveReports Server.
185980 Resolved problems with setting multiple Source and Target columns when adding relations in a model.
186055 You can now click the “Next” button to generate a model on the Admin site.
186238 When installing a trial, licensing information is now properly entered so that license status no longer appears as “Invalid.”
187265 Fixed a “commandTimeout was not found” error that prevented model generation on the Admin site.
187292 Fixed formatting issues on the Audit settings page and buttons that did not work.
187361 In the Report Portal, report revision descriptions no longer disappear after changing the report category.
188955 Agent installation no longer fails on a server machine after installing ActiveReports Server without an agent.
189555 An error no longer occurs when you view a report with a blank chart.
189679 In the HTML5 Report Portal, reports are no longer displayed from right to left in Internet Explorer 9.
189747 Created date and Created by properties of reports no longer change when you change the description, name, or design.
190922 Resolved an issue with the generation of identical activation keys for different customers.
192109 Resolved an issue in the HTML5 Viewer with cascading parameters where the selected value for the lower parameter was spontaneously reset.
192339 Replaced spaces with hyphens in the installer name.
193834 Marking a report as a “Favorite” now changes its category.
194022 The Audit settings Advanced dialog now accepts new properties.
194160 Fixed a “Viewer Loading Error” issue with the Flash viewer so that newly created reports can now be viewed from the Report Portal and the Add-On Designer.
192086 Added descriptions for ‘Supports Null Values’ abd ‘Supports Blank Values’ in the Modifying an Attribute topic.
177930 The Categories list is now properly enabled or disabled after toggling allowed categories values for specific roles.
178029 The Console Web Service client no longer allows downloading of theme and style resources when an invalid ID is passed in the download command.
177238 In the HTML5 Viewer, Cascaded Parameters now reset properly when you click ‘Reset All’ in the parameters dropdown while previewing a report.
176008 TableOfContents controls no longer appear in Blue on exporting to Word format.
172527 An error no longer occurs when exporting a Page report with a calendar to XLS, Mht, or Word in ActiveReports Server.

ActiveReports Developer

Case Improvement
User Reported Issues
187390 Drill-down now works in the HTML5 viewer with customized report services.
191430 An EndOfStreamException no longer occurs on opening a document saved with compression.
188823 RichTextBox now applies WordWrap correctly instead of using CharWrap.
188887 The RTFExport filter no longer adds a bottom margin.
188827 Justify Alignment is no longer lost when you export to RTF.
189230 Blank Lines are no longer added in exported Excel documents.
190342 The Date no longer bounces around when trying to enter a Year(yyyy) value.
189007 Resolved issues with the HTML5 Viewer Sort icons in Internet Explorer.
184095 Added a textbox to the AppLicenseGenerator so you can add a description that appears in the properties of the generated *.licenses.dll when you right-click the file.
178136 End User Designer: Fixed the ShowDataSourceIcon property so that it also hides the data source in the Properties window.
188915 Fixed WPF Viewer printing issues when a report is run multiple times with different parameters.
188027 Resolved issues with tying a data set to a stored procedure.
184539 Charts and Maps are now displayed when you access a report using CORS (cross-origin resource sharing).
178123 Updated PageReport DataSources samples to show how to bind an RDL with a master detail array structure without flattening the data structure.
188483 Updated Copyright notice to provide license information for all Open Source artifacts that are used in ActiveReports.
184397 Resolved an issue with missing Arabic characters in exported PDF files when non-Arabic fonts are used.
185759 Resolved a “Failed to read font data” error when exporting a report that uses the “Univers LT 45 Light” font to PDF.
184093 In the HTML5 Viewer, SortIcons are now visible in Internet Explorer.
181632 Cascading parameters now work correctly in the HTML5 viewer.
184432 Shapes now appear in the HTMLViewer type of the WebViewer when the RoundingRadius is not the same for all sides.
184076 FontSize is now retained after exporting to Word.
183006 3 Of 9 Barcode text is now shown in PDF files generated using the PdfExport.
180618 When CellMerging is set to True, complete text is now displayed in the Exported Excel file.
186064 Field(DataSetName) and DataSetName lists are now in sync in the expression editor when the DataSet has custom fields.
182689 Arabic text is no longer malformed when viewed in the WebViewer with ViewerType AcrobatReader.
187778 The Designer control no longer gets a target invocation exception when the BackgroundColor is set by an expression with a Join function.
184996 Fixed an issue so that setting the Viewer.Document property to Nothing no longer causes a “Positive length is expected” exception.
186040 Fixed a memory leak in the Page Report PDF Export.
185766 Child report no longer shows two detail sections at design time.
QA Reported Issues
193854 The DataSet editor no longer requires two clicks on any buttons.
194016 The HTML5 Viewer no longer jumps to another page after sorting.
191716 Resolved an “Object does not match target type” error in the Property grid and fixed it so that the Width changes to Height when the PaperOrientation property is changed.
191811 Updated the API documentation.
191812 Updated the XML Data Source Sample topic.
191813 Updated the License your ActiveReports topic.
192009 The Datetime parameter now executes correctly in OracleDB reports.
189974 The DataSet editor OK button no longer requires two clicks.
190189 Drillthrough links to reports with a multivalue parameter is now shown in the Flash viewer.
190241 In the Dataset Query dialog, opening the Visual Query Designer no longer causes an invalid query error.
189746 Cascading parameters now populate properly in the stand-alone Designer application.
189119 Resolved an issue that caused an InvalidArgument exception when adding cascading parameters.
189177 Resolved an issue that caused an ArgumentOutOfRangeException when adding a query with a parameter without validating, adding a parameter on the Parameters tab, then validating the query.
189210 Fixed the barcode so that you can use Start Code A(B,C) symbols to change the subset of an EAN128FNC1 barcode.
189234 Duplicate data is no longer displayed in the Picture control on viewing a Section report in the Flash Viewer.
189545 When you enter an invalid server name, the “Select or enter a database name” combo box no longer populates with a list of servers.
187431 A parameter error no longer occurs on attempting to view a report with an empty parameter prompt. Instead, the parameter name is shown.
187625 The Dataset and fields list now populates properly in the Report Explorer.
187773 Fixed PDF Rendering Extension font fallback logic so that some languages that were not exporting to PDF now export correctly.
187950 Nested table columns no longer appear outside the outer table on exporting a report to HTML in Paginated mode.
187953 Matrix column sizes no longer change on exporting a report to HTML.
187960 In the Designer application, “The component designer” error no longer occurs when adding a DataSet to a report.
187980 Page numbers in the TOC are no longer left-aligned on exporting a report to Excel.
187991 Fixed the “XmlDataSource” sample datasource.
188050 Implemented a caching mechanism to reduce wait time when opening the Visual Query Designer.
188385 Removed unnecessary Image assembly dependency from FormattedText assembly.
188747 Fixed scrollbar issues in the Visual Query Designer.
188809 In the Visual Query Designer, the Design tab no longer becomes disabled after entering an expression and switching tabs.
186102 Fixed a number of cascading parameters issues.
186112 In parameter Available Values, fixed an issue with zero after decimal being removed.
186177 In the Flash viewer, FormattedText in a Table no longer gets Error #2032.
185770 In the HTML viewer, pressing the Enter key without entering a search string no longer causes an error.
185829 Text no longer shifts to the top when exporting a textbox with padding to PDF.
185436 In the HTML5 Viewer, parameters are now populated on clicking a drill-through link.
185510 Hid the ‘TableDirect’ command type for non-supported providers.
185533 In the End User Designer, ‘The component designer threw an exception’ error no longer appears on attempting to edit a data set for a non-existent shared data source.
185192 In the Table data region, fixed an issue with the ‘Field Selector’ glyph not disappearing when another cell was clicked.
185265 In the End User Designer, corrected datetime data type issues in parameters sent to the database.
184681 Fixed an ArgumentOutOfRange exception that occurred after attempting to delete a dataset parameter after validating the query.
184746 Containers with rounded corners now properly truncate text to fit the shape of the container in reports exported to HTML.
184822 Images from Subreports now export properly to HTML.
184846 Exports to XLSX format from RDLX no longer causes text to duplicate on Excel pages.
184892 You can no longer create a field with an empty name in a dataset.
184473 Zoomed text no longer appears clipped in the Windows Viewer ToolBar with High DPI.
184479 Reports with the FormattedText control are now supported in Azure.
184527 Fixed a problem with the ApplicationLicenseGenerator.
184584 Lines in the second page of an RDL now export correctly to RTF and Doc formats.
184456 An UnhandledException no longer occurs on performing an undo action after deleting a DataSet with a filter.
183859 Internet Explorer 11 now shows the page number and total page count in Page reports in the HTML5 viewer.
183898 Tested and verified support for Visual Studio Community Edition.
183936 In the HTML5 Report Portal (ActiveReports Server), reports with formatted text that are saved to the server no longer overlap.
184018 Sparkline types are now enabled in the context menu.
184114 The converter no longer throws an error when converting a v6 VB.NET project to v9.3 in Visual Studio 2015.
184141 Added a function allowing you to set an assembly description for the licensing DLL.
184203 CellMerging now works properly in the Excel export.
183585 Barcode captions with large font sizes in exported reports are no longer truncated.
179573 Added Azure support for JPEG encoded images in the RichTextBox control.
180674 Fixed small memory leaks in the ReportExplorer.
181270 Fixed a validation error when using cascading parameters in the HTML5 Viewer.
183030 Corrected the calculation of the body height when exporting a report with margins to DOC.
178550 The document map no longer skips elements of different groups with the same name.
178903 Updated the link in the License Manager dialog.
179193 Updated Section 508 Compliance.
179204 Added the ability to disable the Data Sources node in the Report Explorer in Page reports.
177425 Fixed an unhandled exception that occurred when trying to undo after removing the name of any controls in the Property Dialog.
177593 Jump to bookmark now works in the HTML5 viewer when the item jumped from and the bookmarked item are on same page.
176950 In the Open report from server dialog, the first report no longer opens when pressing the Enter key on a category. Instead, the contents of the category display.
174855 With large text, page number and TOC contents no longer overlap on exporting to HTML.
174860 In the Table of Contents control, underlined text in Levels now appears correctly in the Designer when the BackColor of the next level is applied.
174872 In the Table of Contents control, level alignment now appears correctly when exported to HTML.
174943 Increased the default size of the Table of Contents control.
175042 Report data no longer repeats in all columns of an unbound RDL report on exporting to Excel.
175058 Headings in the Table of Contents control no longer appear center-aligned on uploading the exported Excel to Google Docs.
175065 In the Visual Query Designer, improved handling of big queries.
175079 With the Excel Rendering Extension, ‘RTL’ Direction is now retained in exported files.
175090 In the Visual Query Designer, parameter names are now updated after exchanging two parameters’ names and reopening.
175127 Chart parameter names are now updated after changing in the Visual Query Designer and reopening when using the OleDB provider.
175173 In the Visual Query Designer, related table names are now correct when a table name is case-insensitive.
175236 In the Visual Query Designer, scrollbars now resize smoothly while resizing the window.
175252 With the Excel Rendering Extension, extra digits are no longer added in the Margin property in the exported Excel file.
175269 In the Visual Query Designer, automatically generated join conditions are now correct when the same tables are added.
175271 In the Visual Query Designer, images in the Preview tab are now displayed as placeholders.
175315 In the Visual Query Designer, opening a query containing an Order By clause now shows the correct Sort value.
175344 With the Excel Rendering Extension, Table of Contents controls with FillCharacters no longer appear right-aligned in Excel 2013.
175347 Table of Contents level alignment now works on exporting with the Excel Rendering Extension.
175366 In the Visual Query Designer, the query in the SQL tab now grows vertically for readability.
175377 Image padding is now intact in reports exported with the Excel Rendering Extension.
175411 The CheckedAlignment property is now exported with the Excel Rendering Extension.
175442 Stopped using the IDataProviderService interface.
175479 With the Excel Rendering Extension, 5-byte Japanese characters now render properly in the Table of Contents control in exported Excel files.
175568 With the Excel Rendering Extension, TextBox controls containing page numbers in N/M format are no longer exported in General format.
175594 With the Excel Rendering Extension, Japanese numbering styles in the Table of Contents no longer appear with large spaces in Excel 2013.
175600 On selecting a control from the Report Explorer, the control’s Layer is now displayed as selected in the Layer tab.
175601 With the Excel Rendering Extension, blank space for the page header now appears in the exported file when the PrintOnFirstPage or PrintOnLastPage property is False.
175617 With the Excel Rendering Extension, Image borders of 1pt or less now appear on all edges in the exported Excel file.
175619 With the Excel Rendering Extension, Pink no longer appears Gray in the exported file when UseDefaultPalette is set to True.
175650 Controls placed in data regions no longer appear in the Report Explorer after deleting the corresponding layer from the Layers list.
175678 The OverflowPlaceHolder control is now placed on the same layer as the corresponding data region instead of the default layer when duplicating a page.
175693 A gray area no longer appears in the Layers list window after docking and resizing at the top or bottom in Visual Studio.
175695 A vertical scrollbar now appears on adding new layers after re-docking the Layers list in Visual Studio.
175731 The Table and Matrix controls no longer appear blank on undoing the deletion of a layer when the report contains at least two pages.
175743 Drillthrough now works with Images in the Html Viewer.
175773 The DesignerTransparency of a layer now applies to the Subtotal icon of a Matrix after deselecting the data region.
175797 The correct validation message now appears on entering alphabetic values in the DesignerTransparency property.
175808 On duplicating a page containing a TableOfContents control, the OverflowPlaceholder is now properly duplicated instead of being duplicated as another TableOfContents.
176004 In the Visual Query Designer, a stop icon is now shown when you try to drag and drop a SQL schema from a database view to the design tab.
176011 In the Visual Query Designer, parentheses are no longer added to values of the BETWEEN operator each time you switch between the Design tab and the SQL tab.
176105 In the Visual Query Designer, scrollbar thumbs in the preview area are now in the correct position after maximizing and minimizing the window.
176113 In the Visual Query Designer, the Table name for a column is no longer changed on switching between Design and SQL tabs after changing the value of the Expression field.
176121 Adorners to change the FixedSize using your mouse now appear on selecting a control after clicking Cancel in the Properties dialog on Page reports.
176169 Tooltips are now properly displayed after closing and reopening the Visual Query Designer.
151029 SnapToLine now works properly when creating a cloned item.
152924 In the designer, controls no longer change location after the report refreshes with SnapToGrid and SnapToLine enabled.
170746 The Windows Viewer control now has a description for each property in the Properties grid.
171595 Records are now retrieved on selecting ‘True’ from a Boolean parameter when 0 or 1 is set as the DefaultValue.
171607 Reports with a container control now preview correctly when the container contains a table or matrix.
172561 Obsolete license entries of the WebViewer are now removed after converting an ActiveReports 6 Web Application to ActiveReports 8 using the Upgrade tool.
172562 WinViewer license entries are no longer added after converting an ActiveReports 7 WPF or Web project to ActiveReports 8 using the Upgrade tool.
174361 Line control adorners no longer appear trimmed in transparent layers.
174471 In the Visual Query Designer, parameters are no longer added to the Parameters list after saving a SQL query with an invalid parameter name.
174623 A selection rectangle now appears on selecting cells in a Table on a layer with full transparency.