HTML Viewer dataset errors?

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    azoccolillo3p 4 months ago

    I’m observing a weird problem with my reports…

    MVC HTML5 Viewer API
    Report1 as dataset dsSummary
    Report2 as dataset dsDetail
    Report3 is a combined paged report with dataset dsDetail

    When I view Report1 I have 1 page with 6 records
    When I view Report2 I have 6 pages with 1 record per page
    When I view Report3 I have 7 pages…1 page 6 records and 6 pages 1 record per page.

    Now if I go to page 7 and then switch back to Report2 and View Report I’ll won’t get back 6 pages…rather 2 or 3 pages. If I view Report1 and then back to Report2 I get all 6 pages. It seems if I view Report3 it’s screwing up the dataset when in Report2. Like something is cached. If I am experiencing this issue in Report2 and I hit View Report button, I might go from 2 to 3 or 2 to 4 pages…but it never gets all 6 pages. I have to go to Report1 and view, then back to 2 to clear the issue.

    Any ideas?

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    azoccolillo3p 4 months ago

    Some pictures…

    1. report3


    2. back_to_report2


    3. report1


    4. report2


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    AbdiasM195p 4 months ago

    I tried replicating the issue with Html5 Viewer in an MVC5 application but couldn’t replicate it. When coming back to Report2 from Report3, I could see all 6 pages. I’ve used the latest version 11 SP1 and PageReports to verify the issue and have also attached the application for your reference and also a gif video. Please take a look. If your scenario is different than the application, please attach your application so I can also reproduce the issue.

    1. Html5Viewer_MultipleReports


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