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    azoccolillo3p 5 months ago

    I’m having a problem with a report with a multivalued parameter. When I run the report it loads with all the values selected as defined within the report. See picture 1 attached. The report runs fine.
    If I modify the multivalue pick list it doesn’t take. See picture 2 and 3 attached. The pick list doesn’t seem to get the changes and stays empty and , of course, fails validation.

    Any ideas?

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    AbdiasM195p 5 months ago

    I’m sorry I couldn’t replicate the mentioned issue at my end. On changing the values in the multi-value parameters in HTML5 Viewer, the report ran correctly. I have attached the demo HTML5 Viewer application with a report created with multi-value parameters. Please take a look.
    I’ve used AR version 11.0.8705.0. Please check with this version also if you’re using an older version.

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    azoccolillo3p 5 months ago

    I was able to run this and it worked fine. Unfortunately this isn’t the same as my project, which is modeled after the MVC5 Api sample. I’m trying to get a dedicated _Layout page that has the correct links in it because my index page and javascript are, for the most part, identical to your sample. Also, my report did run fine in your sample so the problem isn’t with the report. All that’s left is the layout and the possibility that some include script is interfering or a library version I have broke something.

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    azoccolillo3p 5 months ago

    It was something in my layout. I thin the javascript or lib for TinyMCE was interfering. I got it working. Thanks.
    One more question related to this…

    I have two reports to view with the same set of parameters. If I view report1 with a set of parameters then go to report2, the parameters are back to default. In other works, each report manages its parameters separately. If I want the parameters section to stay the same when switching reports will I need to code into the javascript and assign the parameters each time based on their current settings? I have an idea how to do this from other examples.

    Also related to this… I’ve tried combining the two reports into a page report with page1 being report1 and page2 being report2. Each has the same parameters but a different dataset. The problem I’m seeing is page2 comes up blank and the fields in the table2 on page2 are seeing dataset1 not dataset2 even though table2 is assigned dataset2. Is it not possible to have 2 pages with 2 tables each pointed to a different dataset in a paged report? If so, would a rdl report or section report be able to do this?

    If I can combine the reports with one set of parameters it would solve my issue with parameters staying the same as I switch reports but just having one set of parameters and reports across different pages or sections…


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    AbdiasM195p 5 months ago

    Thanks for the additional information. It did help me figure out the problem you might be facing. If you’ve copied the entire javascript code for the HTML5 Viewer exactly as in the MVC5 sample, then you probably didn’t notice that the value of the parameter is being set in the report option on the button click. I have attached the modified version of the MVC5 Api sample with the report I sent yesterday. It gets loaded on the Orders button click. Please take a look and hope it helps you solve the problem.

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