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  • eric01887 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    I’m using AR7 section reports to generate PDFs that are served to a web browser. When I set the “hyperlink” property of a text control to a URL it works properly, but the new page opens in the same window/tab as the PDF so users have to use the browser “back” button to return to the PDF. What I’d like to happen is for the hyperlink to open in a new window or tab.

    I’ve googled and found a few very old threads here discussing that topic, that mention putting some script code in the hyperlink property of the text control. But all the code examples start with “BLOCKED SCRIPT” – it looks like the forum software is blocking some of the example code.

    Can anyone describe to me what needs to be done to make this work, in a way the forum software won’t break? It looks like it involves “window.open” but I’ve tried a bunch of variations on that and can’t get it to work.


  • 195p
    AbdiasM195p 8 months, 3 weeks ago


    Unfortunately even I couldn’t find a way to open the hyperlinks in a new window from the pdf. I’m going to get in touch with the development team to see if there is any way of doing it. Will get back to you soon. Tracking Id – 222139

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    AbdiasM195p 8 months, 1 week ago


    I have got an update from our dev team on this issue. So, the old code you mentioned looks like this:

    this.textBox1.HyperLink = "javascript:window.open('http://www.google.com');";

    But it does not work(just blocked) in the modern browsers.

    Also, there is the following sample for links in PDF:

    this.textBox1.HyperLink = "app.launchURL('http://www.google.com',true)";

    It is blocked by default, so it should be enabled in Acrobat Reader settings and also not all PDF plugins support it.

    We recommend to use the common links:

    this.textBox1.HyperLink = "http://www.google.com";

    Actually, such link can be opened by Firefox PDF plugin in the new tab if you setup PDF plugin in Firefox correctly and the PDF plug-in in Chrome can open it in the new tab if you hold Ctrl key and click the link.

    So it mostly depends on the Pdf browser plug-in than on ActiveReports.

    Hope it clarifies things for you

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