July 8, 2016

The Report Portal is open to the Sales Reports user category with the Sales Person Performance report selected, and the Schedule tab open to the right.

Scheduling Reports

In this exercise, we log in as an end user and use the shared schedule template that we created in the Administrator Dashboard to schedule a report in the Report… Read the rest.


July 1, 2016

Shows a run-time view of the custom print button showing the tooltip text.

Customizing Viewer Toolbars

You can customize the toolbar in the Viewer control for Windows Forms to implement your own actions. Here is some example code that demonstrates how to access and change the… Read the rest.


June 30, 2016

The Shared Schedules list showing the new schedule after it's added

Schedule Template Setup

If you already set up the SMTP server in the Server Configuration wizard, you can skip this first part. SMTP Server Settings First, we set up the SMTP Server. In… Read the rest.


June 28, 2016

With a simple configuration of two textboxes, one over the other, CanGrow allows the first control to grow vertically and moves the second control down below it.

Adjust Control Heights Automatically

In Section reports, when you set the CanGrow or CanShrink property of a TextBox, Label, or section to True, its height adjusts automatically according to the amount of data. Plus,… Read the rest.


June 27, 2016

User Category Menu

Set User Categories

This section describes how individual users can organize reports their way by creating user categories. Create a user category Log in as Sales role member joe, and click the Quick… Read the rest.


June 24, 2016

Use the zero-based DataSources and DataSets collections for the report to access your design-time data in code.

Modify Data at Run Time

How you modify report data (connection strings and SQL queries) depends on the report type you use. Let’s take a look at each report type. In Page and RDL Reports… Read the rest.


June 23, 2016

Report Portal with the Quick Start category selected

User Login

Log in as the administrator and as each user that you created in Creating User Accounts, and make sure that you can view the right reports for the category… Read the rest.


June 22, 2016


Nested Groups and GroupHeader RepeatStyle

After the article explaining why the Wrong Record Shows in the Page Header, we realized that another behavior may seem counterintuitive if you don’t know the logic behind it.… Read the rest.


June 20, 2016

Report Portal with callouts showing the workflow from left to right

Find and Display Reports

Now that we’ve set up the Administrator Dashboard, we can shift over to the Report Portal, where our users will access reports. The Report Portal When you access the Report… Read the rest.


June 16, 2016

Section report showing the bound textbox in the GroupHeader section rather than the PageHeader section

Wrong Record in the Page Header Section

This is an issue that our customers ask about often. To get a clear handle on the situation, let me clarify some basic points about how Section reports work. Background… Read the rest.

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