June 24, 2016

Use the zero-based DataSources and DataSets collections for the report to access your design-time data in code.

Modify Data at Run Time

How you modify report data (connection strings and SQL queries) depends on the report type you use. Let’s take a look at each report type. In Page and RDL Reports… Read the rest.


June 22, 2016


Nested Groups and GroupHeader RepeatStyle

After the article explaining why the Wrong Record Shows in the Page Header, we realized that another behavior may seem counterintuitive if you don’t know the logic behind it.… Read the rest.


June 16, 2016

Section report showing the bound textbox in the GroupHeader section rather than the PageHeader section

Wrong Record in the Page Header Section

This is an issue that our customers ask about often. To get a clear handle on the situation, let me clarify some basic points about how Section reports work. Background… Read the rest.


May 10, 2016

StartPrint property in the Properties window

Web Printing Without Previewing

Pro Edition You can print a report from a web application without making your users preview it when you use the WebViewer in ActiveReports Professional Edition. In this article, I’ll… Read the rest.


May 6, 2016

PageBreakAtEnd property in Properties window

Adding Group Page Breaks

To display each data group on a separate page, you need to sort the data and add page breaks for each group. Where you do this depends on the type… Read the rest.


May 4, 2016

TextBox control in PageFooter section with SummaryType property set to PageTotal.

Three Ways to Use Summaries in Section Reports

In Section reports, the TextBox control has several Summary properties that, combined, let you render running summaries and grand totals in header or footer sections of your reports. Caution: With… Read the rest.


April 25, 2016

Class Library table of contents showing PagesCollection class members

Combining Reports

With ActiveReports, you can combine multiple reports into one. How you do it depends on the type of report. Let’s take a look at the ways you can combine each… Read the rest.


April 25, 2016

Report Settings dialog

Printer and Page Settings (Section Reports)

In Section reports, you can set the printer paper size and report margins at run time in the Report Settings dialog. All of these settings are in the first page,… Read the rest.


April 11, 2016

ShrinkToFit at Run Time

Is there a way to automatically resize fonts to fit text within a control?

The answer to this question is yes! And we’ve made it easy by providing a ShrinkToFit property on the TextBox control in Page and Section reports, and on the Label… Read the rest.


March 28, 2016


Microsoft Edge and PDF

UPDATE: Microsoft has fixed this issue in the Windows 10 November update, so we were able to add a print button for Edge as well. You can find it in… Read the rest.

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