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The New Web-based End User Designer


June 23, 2017 in ActiveReports, ActiveReports Server by Bhupesh

ActiveReports Server has always had a web designer for business users. The designers aimed at enabling end users who don’t know databases and query languages to build reports from scratch… Read the rest.

HTML5 Viewer Enrichment


March 28, 2017 in .NET, ActiveReports, Mobile, Web by kim

We’re really excited about the ActiveReports 11 Service Pack 1 release. I think you’ll like what we’ve done to improve the HTML5 viewer. In addition to adding user-requested tweaks and… Read the rest.


Visual Studio 2017 Support


February 24, 2017 in .NET, ActiveReports by kim

Update: We’ve released Service Pack 1. You can download it here: ActiveReports Developer Build: v11.1.9726.0.msi ActiveReports Server Build: v11.1.7502.0 zip As a Microsoft Visual Studio Launch Partner, we are excited… Read the rest.

SQL Server Model Generation


January 24, 2017 in .NET, ActiveReports, Web by kim

If you have trouble generating models using Windows Authentication with SQL Server, you may see the following errors: “Login failed for user. The user is not associated with a trusted… Read the rest.

Reference Updater

Server Shared Resources in v11


December 7, 2016 in .NET, Web by kim

Sometimes when you improve things, something breaks. One such thing occurred with the new release of ActiveReports Server, so I’m sharing the fix here. Breaking Change: The format of links… Read the rest.