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HTML5 Viewer Enrichment


March 28, 2017 in .NET, ActiveReports, Mobile, Web by kim

We’re really excited about the ActiveReports 11 Service Pack 1 release. I think you’ll like what we’ve done to improve the HTML5 viewer. In addition to adding user-requested tweaks and… Read the rest.

Parameter Script Added to HTML5 Viewer Sample

Run-Time Data in the HTML5 Viewer


January 13, 2017 in .NET, ActiveReports, Mobile, Web by kim

First, it helps to understand how the ActiveReports HTML5 viewer works. As a JavaScript component, the HTML5 Viewer runs on the client browser. It gets its report output from an… Read the rest.


Adding Zoom Functionality to HTML5 Viewer


March 1, 2015 in ActiveReports, Reporting by SankalpS

BACKGROUND With the introduction of ActiveReports 9, we added the HTML5 Viewer which is a light weight client side component allowing the reports to be displayed on the client machine… Read the rest.

5 Cool Features of ActiveReports 8


May 16, 2014 in ActiveReports, Reporting by Mohita

Reporting is both a dream and a nightmare for any technical personnel. With the release of ActiveReports 8, we are proud to say that reporting has reached a new… Read the rest.