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Managing Schedules
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Shared schedules allow you to specify a recurring interval at which to run a report. Each schedule has a name, an optional description, and a list of roles that defines which users have permission to assign reports to it.

Once you add a shared schedule, all users in each role that is granted permission to the schedule can assign reports to run on it.

NoteIf the Don't process empty reports setting is selected on the Site Settings page under Configuration, the schedule task result will not be delivered.


You can set up recurrence options on shared schedules.

Recurrence options


You can optionally set delivery options for your users, or you can leave them as set by default and allow the users to choose the settings.

Option Description
Format Select the format to which you want to deliver the report.
Formats: Allow User to Choose, Excel file (xls), MHT document (archived Web page), Image file, PDF document, Word document, or XML file (xml).
Delivery Type Select Allow User to Choose, EmailWindows File Share, or Print. Below are more options that appear with these delivery types.
Note: The Format option is unavailable if the Delivery Type is set to 'Print'. Also note that you must have permissions to the specified printer.

Delivery Type options

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